Block ads on Kakaotalk client

The kakaotalk client on Mac is okay but the Windows client is full of ads: ads in friend list, ads in chat, ads in the corner of the screen, ad under your cursor.

It annoyed me to no end. So what’s the solution? Find a way to block it!

I used a nifty tool called TCP View (very old, but still works). It can resolve domains from IP address and is not as heavy as Wireshark 😉

I looked up the domains kakaotalk.exe connects to and found the following, so I added this to /Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts

#Block kakao ads

And voilà! No more annoying ads!


Since Kakao stopped offering the Windows Store version (which had less ads), it’s time for an update

There’s a Korean program that runs in the background and block the ads for you.

You can find it here . The drawback is you need to install and keep it running with administrator priviledges, but at least it’s open source so you can have a look 🙂