Google Scripting Engine

Just found out Google has scripting built into its apps, which is used to manipulate Email and Drive. It’s called AppsScript

How to write an email to your developer boss/team leader

Hello Mr. Clark,


  • State the problem
  • Why we couldn’t do it last time, list as many reasons as you can
    • Technical constraints, limitation of the language
    • Time constraints
    • Something we didn’t know how to do


  • What this solution solves
  • How you came to the solution
  • What are similar problem that can be solved


  • Demo and screenshot from your implementation
  • Evaluation
    • Testing, bugs, errors, stability in general
    • Speed
    • Pros and cons of this implementation

Asking for input

  • What should I improve
  • What other function do you need
  • What should I focus on if there’s many other problems to solve

Say thanks