Fetching data from the web with C#, the easy way (1-liner)

I don’t know why the top results from Google always involve more than 10 lines of code and loads of comments when actually you can just do this:

byte[] Data = new WebClient().DownloadData(FrameURL);

You can try DownloadString and DownloadFile based on your requirements

Direct download link for flash player

I hate it when I get the “Flash player needs updating” message nowadays. I have to go to Adobe’s site and install some clumsy “download manager” (an ActiveX control for IE, or an add-on for Firefox) that doesn’t even support resuming.

I missed the good old days when I can download the installer directly. Unfortunately, Adobe has buried the direct download links deep and deep inside its documentation.

Here’s the links I found on Mozilla zine forum:

For Firefox

For Internet Explorer

I hope this will ease the life of someone out there.