A non-exhaustive list of projects I built over the years

ProjectStartedDescriptionWhat happened
license plate recognition2013Korean license plate recognitionCompleted
follower-maze2016Back-end developer challenge in C#Completed
A unity game2016Learning unityInactive
thanhphu.net2017Personal blog, wishlist. Articles were preseved since Yahoo 360!’s time (around 2008),
thanks to a custom exporter. This blog has been going on for over 12 years!
RMongo32017A MongoDB library for R that worksCompleted
Kyeongin Information Systems2017Consulting companyRenamed into
mqtt-rabbitmq-cluster2017Clustered RabbitMQ for MQTT message collectionCompleted
mongo-replicator2018Reference Code for synchronizing changes from MongoDB to RDBMSCompleted
mqtt-collector2018Collector for MQTT messages from Rabbit MQ, saves to MongoDBCompleted
luatsuhanquoc.com2018Law information for Vietnamese in KoreaMerged into
hanquoc.kr2018General information for Vietnamese in KoreaActive
hackernews clone2018A hackernews clone using GraphQL, Scala and H2. Learning projectInactive
A community site2018A reddit-like social networkShot up to 100,000 visitors per day, then inactive
dabanh.tk2018Syndicated football news in VietnameseActive
news.thanhphu.net2018Syndicated English news for expats in KoreaActive
raovathanquoc.com2018Classifields site, later turned into a part time job siteInactive
dichvu.hanquoc.kr2018Business directory for Vietnamese in KoreaActive
Dalicoin2018My attempt at creating a new cryptocurrencyShut down
Developers in Korea2019Community for developers in KoreaShut down
mosquitto-sample2019Sample code for modern mosquitto C libraryCompleted
buffer-bench2019A benchmark of Flatbuffers / Protobuf / Raw struct for C++, designed to run on LinuxCompleted
cpp-serializers2019(A fork) Benchmark comparing various data serialization libraries (thrift, protobuf etc.) for C++Completed
cpp-try2019Scala-like Try for C++Completed
luadao.hanquoc.kr2019Fraud and scam warning for Vietnamese in KoreaShut down
mntr.thanhphu.net2019Mentoring service MVPFailed to acquire funding, not developed further
netviet.kr2019Legal entity for my servicesActive
coronatravel.info2020Corona travel restrictions informationInactive, rolled into
godb-bench2020Benchmark for Go Key-Value DB optionsCompleted
just-awesome-vietnamese2020Collection of software built by Vietnamese peopleActive
parking2020Simple parking page for multiple domains, used to park domains and sell themCompleted
php-survey-builder2020(A fork) PHP app to collect survey responses with material design and prefill addedCompleted
raft-bench2020Benchmark of various RAFT librariesCompleted
SMS sending app2020NodeJS app to send pre-built SMS using a Korean provider’s APICompleted
VSIP2020Vietnamese Software Internship Project, a community project to gather Vietnamese developers in KoreaActive
cpp-dbbench2020Benchmark for various key-value databases on C++Completed
medium-explorer2020Explorer for a Hyperledger-Fabric like blockchain plaform, built with GraphQLCompleted
parking-dns2020Dummy DNS server that returns the same records regardless of domain, used for parkingCompleted
expats.kr2020Information about life in Korea for expats in EnglishActive
poapply2020Apply po translations to source codeCompleted
hanquoc-v42020Android Jetpack Compose client for, first target project for VSIPInactive