About (old)

It’s been a while since the first time I write in this blog, and there has been three physical sever moves and address changes in between. It’s a pity that I don’t have as much time as before to choose another theme and update this blog more frequently. Well, on the bright side that proves I have a life, a pretty good one and I’m definitely not the typical geek portrayed on American movies :p

Instead of changing the blog, I happened to change myself a lot. I am a bit nostalgic to the academic environment, I didn’t know as many people as I wanted back then. I am planning to return there but you never knows what life is going to get you :D.

So to make the wait worth its while, I get a job in a multinational corporation. It’s no tough job, I get to work my expertise and have a salary that is the dream of many. But I’m not totally happy with it and sadly that feeling is growing day by day. It’s that suffocating feeling, this time is for the lack of creative-craving tasks :(. You may think freelance is the way to go, but as I have given it an analysis in a past blog post (the one with a password :P): I can’t for now. First, I don’t want to become Mr. Code-a-lot, I prefer to be Monsieur Know-it-all (specifically the process of software engineering, construction and analysis of information systems and interface design). Second, it’s not easy to find customers. Third, it may be hard to satisfy non-technical client and lastly, life is not all pink! I guess I will have to accept it and do my best with what I got for now so I will have no regret later πŸ™‚

This blog is now even more technically oriented than before. But I still can’t find the right kind of inspiration many technical blogger have: money :p. So there is still large gaps from article to article on the calendar. The situation get even worse when I don’t have an active enough readership: only a few people gives feedback on my articles πŸ™ (I think mainly because I’m not talented enough to attract people :p). So I just don’t know what my reader want any write only when I feel absolutely need to :p

That explains the lack of articles and also serves as a short introduction about me. Enough, right? My email, as you may know is [email protected] πŸ˜€


Because I used many components for this blog, with which some authors need crediting, and stuffing the blogroll with links to people I hardly know does not seem to be a good idea, what’s the better place to give tribute than the about page?

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